LIKE 9 - Single Bed Space in a Shared 4/6 Bed Apartment


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LIKE Festival 9 - Single Bed Space REQUEST for 1 Person in a shared room or apartment with 4-6 people.

4 person room - 1 Double Bed in bedroom & 2 Single Beds in Living Room
6 person room - 1 Double Bed in 2 bedrooms & 2 Single Beds in Living Room
Rooms will be allocated by LIKE Festival.

50€ per night - minimum 3 nights - 21st-24th September 2018

All prices include breakfast and dinner!

There is an Extra Fee for lunch of 10€ a person per day and should be requested directly from the hotel.

This is request for a room only. PRICE shown is ZERO as it is a request, not a booking.
Once validated the payment request will come directly from the hotel. Therefore the price shown here is zero in order to process the request.

In order to stay at the main hotel you must be a FULL or PARTY pass holder.
Validation of this will be performed after the order is submitted. If you do not qualify then your order status will be set automatically by our computer systems to DENIED.
In this case please contact LIKE Festival to discuss.

Room and options are based on availabilty, alternate options will be offered if your first choice is unavailable.



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